Light Sussex Chicken

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Light Sussex has that old fashioned look, lays 260 creamy eggs per year. A firm favourite for a mixed flock.
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Light Sussex Point of Lay Chickens

Light Sussex

  • Suits retail or niche market egg producers and domestic.
  • 250 creamy eggs in first year.
  • Striking addition to any flock.

This strain of the well known Light Sussex breed has maintained its original productivity whilst still showing the striking markings this breed is famous for. Well suited to domestic flocks and a must for farm shop type retail egg producers.

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1 review for Light Sussex Chicken

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    We have had Pearl our Light Sussex chicken for less than a week. She is definitely “top hen” and runs to greet us so she can eat out of our hands. She has laid two large cream coloured eggs already. A lovely girl.

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