We aim to help, support and supply you with everything you need. Keeping your poultry happy, healthy and productive. Our chickens are fully vaccinated,(with the exception of the bantams) guaranteed healthy,hardy and productive (plus the friendliest hens around). We have everything you need to successfully keep your chickens: feed, housing, equipment plus much more. We love keeping chickens and we want you to enjoy your poultry as much as we do. All this coupled with our advice service from our dedicated poultry team (free advice and guidance throughout your poultry keeping years) Whether you are a long term poultry keeper or a complete newbie we welcome you to our farm.Each bird comes with a 28 day replacement guarantee. We do not sell hatching eggs from any of our hybrids.We sell carry boxes £3.00 each that hold two chickens Stock update 12/12/2017
New flock of hybrids here in early spring this is the last of our hybrids for 2017.

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