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We are now open Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am – 5.00pm
No appointment required ( unless specified)


Currently For Sale

POL Chickens £16.00 each please check availability on this page 
White Leghorn, Light sussex , Amber Link , Lohman Brown, Colombian Black tail , Blue maran, Cou Cou maran, Sussex Rock , Bovans Nera ,
Bantams from £15.00
Pekins.mixed colours £25.00 Black £15.00  Currently we only have black and black mottled ( £25.00)
None yet some available later in the year , breeds to be confirmed.

POL Domestic Ducks,
Khaki Campbells £20.00
Ducklings ~ please call in advance we generally have Indian Runners and Khaki Campbells, silver appleyards , minature silver appleyards ( please call evening prior to confirm availability for following day )

Embden / toulouse geese
Females outside , fully feathered £35.00 each.Plus goslings from day old to outside and hardy .

Quail POL
Japanese , Italian , Golden Giant.
£5.00 females £2.00 cock birds ,
Discounts apply for over 20 birds,
Day olds £1.00 each discount for quantity

Frozen Quail
( falconry food ) £50.00 per box ( Approx 50 birds)
Discount for quantity (5 boxes or more)
Sold online for delivery

Guinea Fowl 2017 hatch ( please call ahead of visit) Limited numbers now .

For Pearl, Pearl Pied , and White:  Hens are £20.00 each Cock birds are £15.00 each
For lavender, Mulberry , Porcelain, Buff and Chocolate : Hens £40.00 and Cock Birds £30.00 Guinea Fowl

Keets now here form £4.00 each for day olds can not be sexed until 12 weeks old.


Pea Fowl 2017 hatch Limited stock (please call ahead of visit )
Indian Blue Males £60.00 Indian Blue females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
Black Shouldered Males £60.00 Black Shouldered females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
Pied Males £ 60.00 Pied Females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
White Males £140.00 White Females £140.00 Bought as a pair £280.00
Please call in advance , you will need an appointment to purchase these birds.

Wild Fowl ( please call ahead of visit)
Barnacles pair £80.00
Ne Ne’s £200.00 per pair
Mandarins 2017 hatch £70.00 per pair
Please ask for any other wild fowl

Rheas (Please call ahead of visit)
All sold .


Please call ahead if you are wanting wildfowl, guinea fowl or peafowl as these need catching ahead of time and sexing correctly.

Due to Avian Flu and ongoing bio security there is no access to the public/customers to any of the pens.
This includes , quackery , pygmy goats, waterfowl enclosures and deer pen.

You are still able to get up close to all our birds and select the particular bird of your choice .


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