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Currently For Sale

POL Chickens £16.00 each please check availability 
White Leghorn, Light sussex , Amber Link , Lohman Brown, Colombian Black tail , Blue maran, Cou Cou maran, Sussex Rock , Bovans Nera ,
Chestnut ranger ( dark egg layer) Devon Blue (blue egg layer) Boht £22.00
You can now order our POL hybrids for delivery just visit and order on the breeds page .
Silkies ( fully vaccinated ) £40.00
Pekins  mixed colours £25.00
Bantam leghorns( fully vaccinated) ( limited selection)

POL Domestic Ducks,
Khaki Campbells special offer £15.00 only
Call ducks from £50 .00 a pair ( we only sell as pairs)
Mini silver appleyards
Indian runners
Cayuga ( very limited supply )
Silver appleyards ( males only)
Ducklings ~ We have stopped hatching early this year because of the hot weather so limited supply on all young ducks

Embden / toulouse geese
Females outside , fully feathered £35.00 each. Again we have stopped hatching due to hot weather .. limited supply we have some older goslings currently £20.00 each VERY limited supply

Quail POL
Japanese , Italian , Golden Giant.
£5.00 females £2.00 cock birds ,
Discounts apply for over 20 birds,
Day olds £1.00 each discount for quantity
We can also deliver your quail for a great price

Frozen Quail
( falconry food ) £50.00 per box ( Approx 50 birds)
Discount for quantity (5 boxes or more)
Sold online for delivery
Collection £1.00 per bird or £70.00 for 75 quail.

Guinea Fowl 2017 hatch Only colours left ( please call ahead of visit) Limited numbers now. keets and poults from this years hatch

For Pearl, Pearl Pied , and White:  Hens are £20.00 each Cock birds are £15.00 each
For lavender, Mulberry , Porcelain, Buff and Chocolate : Hens £40.00 and Cock Birds £30.00 Guinea Fowl

Pea Fowl 2017 hatch Limited stock (please call ahead of visit )
Indian Blue Males £60.00 Indian Blue females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
Black Shouldered Males £60.00 Black Shouldered females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
Pied Males £ 60.00 Pied Females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
White Males £140.00 White Females £140.00 Bought as a pair £280.00
Bourbon red turkeys ( a new addition) We have some beautiful young poults  £25.00 each

Wild Fowl ( please call ahead of visit)
Please call for availability

Rheas we have successfully
hatched quite a few but will do not sell until outside and hardy …

Please call ahead if you are wanting wildfowl, guinea fowl or peafowl as these need catching ahead of time and sexing correctly.



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