The Moonridge Guarantee

All our POL birds come with twenty-eight days guarantee.* Please read all of this guarantee
All our birds come with a lifetime of free advice.
If you have any concerns in the future please do not hesitate to contact us we will do our best to help you and if need be put you in touch with a poultry vet specialist. In case of illness please contact us in the first instance, we have a combined poultry keeping experience in excess of fifty years and can usually help, without the expense of a vet. (We can also recommend experienced specialist vets if needed)

We never knowingly sell a sick or injured bird.

  • If you are concerned about any of your birds please contact us a soon as possible, we can offer advice, help and or indeed exchange or replace any bird that appears to have poor health within this timescale. Please read exclusions below.
  • This guarantee does not extend to protect birds against predators, such as fox, dog etc. or any that escape from their new home.
  • This guarantee does not extend to any injuries incurred since they have been with you. This guarantee does not cover accidents and mishaps that injure or cause fatality to your bird, we cannot control the environment you expose your birds to once they leave the farm.
  • Although we have great belief in the quality of our birds, we cannot guarantee them for longer as we have no control over the conditions they are in once they have left us, or any stress they may be exposed to.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for any extra expenses incurred. We cannot accept responsibility for the illness and loss of birds caused by a virus transmitted by wild birds or your existing flock (i.e. diseases that will remain in the soil) nether can we accept loss or injury caused by poor management.
  • For any of our home bred / pure breed / bantams / quail or ducks that have not gone through the vaccination programme it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure these birds are protected from diseases or viruses carried by their existing flock.
  • Any longer than 28 days and the unwell bird is likely to have picked up any problems due to their environment and care which is not covered in the guarantee.
  • Two weeks is the recommended time for you to assess your new bird’s well-being. This time frame gives you the opportunity to observe their behaviour and if you are new to keeping poultry become familiar with what is normal behaviour. Our guarantee goes above and beyond this time frame
  • If the bird has come to you with an underlying problem this is likely to display itself within the first two weeks of being in a new home. Stress is one of the biggest factors in a bird’s health and travelling to a new home and it is after this period of stress that underlying problems normally display themselves. It is not abnormal for birds to show low levels of stress in the first few days, this normally dissipates in 24/72 hours dependent on species.
  • We can not guarantee your bird will lay eggs, although our POL hybrids and domestic ducks and quail are sold as egg layers, this can depend on feed, lighting, housing conditions and the environment you keep them. We will always advise how best to keep your birds so that they will lay. Depending on the age of the bird and the time of the year birds will start to lay at different ages.
  • Our hybrid birds have undergone a through vaccination programme which we consider leaves them as bomb proof as is possible and would recommend the hybrids especially for new poultry keepers.
  • We recommend you take your birds home and transport them in appropriate boxes. We will not accept liability for any bird transported in boxes we have not seen and judged appropriate.
  • This guarantee does not cover the the cost of return of the product including any delivery charge paid. If the product is faulty we will replace or refund but the product must be returned at your own cost. 
  • The  egg color for individual birds can not be guaranteed 100%. The colours that we have listed are the expected colour for the breed/ type , we can not guarantee this and this egg colour is not covered in our guarantee.
  • Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase we cannot refund or exchange birds without a valid receipt.
    For this guarantee to apply an email or text from Moon Ridge Farm is required confirming the guarantee stands .This guarantee will not apply unless you have the exchange or refund accepted in print. Please do not turn up wanting a full refund or exchange without written acceptance that the guarantee stands.
    For this guarantee to be valid we must tbe informed within 48 hours of any issues with your bird, if there has been a fatality we would like to have the bird returned so we can establish cause of death. ( you can put the deceased bird in a bag and in the freezer until able to return)  

    *This does not include day old and off heat birds but covers outside and hardy and feathered. There is no guarantee on ducklings , chicks until they are outside and hardy.
    This does not cover birds delivered via the courier. We can not be responsible for the transport company. The courier companies we use are all registered with DEFRA  as Poultry couriers For large orders we like to deliver our selves but this is not always possible.  
    This does not cover the purchase of one solitary bird of any type , eg if you just purchase one chicken , one duck , one quail. Introducing one solitary bird to any size flock compromises its welfare and is against our policy.
    This guarantee does not cover any of our wildfowl, although we always make sure our birds are sold healthy . There are so many factors that can affect them we can not guarantee against all of these. Please be sure when you purchase any of our birds you a have the knowledge and correct conditions to keep them