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Japanese Quail are the traditional wild coloured quail.  A good all round bird.

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If buying males, please ensure you have at least three hens, they are very active.

We advise one male to four/five hens, they can not be kept as pairs.

Please ensure you read all our info below if this is your first quail purchase.

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Japanese Quail are the traditional wild coloured quail. We sell point of lay Japanese Quail, Japanese Quail hatching eggs, and day old Japanese Quail. These quail have a very steady nature and are a dual purpose bird suitable for eggs and as a table bird. The male weighs between 8-10 oz and the females weigh between 10-12oz. The male has a russet breast and the female a speckled breast.

The Japanese Quail are slightly heavier than the Italian Quail and tend to be less flighty. As with the Italian Quail, the Japanese Quail males can be quite active and can cover up to five females. We tend to keep them in trios or quartets for breeding purposes. There is no need to keep any males if you do not require fertile eggs. A good all round bird.

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2 reviews for Japanese Quail

  1. John Lewis

    Very nice I baught 8 of the female and 2 Male all arrived in good shape I know where to come next time

  2. Ryan flynn

    Got 3 fantastic Japanese quail and I am very happy they make a great addition to my aviary! They settled quickly and are feeding well

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