White Leghorn Chicken

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The white leghorn is the smallest of our hens, pure white with a distinctive large comb. Lays 320 pure white eggs a year. Very pretty & dainty with a fantastic fan of tail feathers!

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White Leghorn Point of Lay Chickens

A great addition to any flock, perfect  for a mixed free range flock, best kept in a permanent large area rather than a house with attached run, they like their space!
Must be fed a complete diet of layers until the come into lay (as they eat so little any deviation from their diet and they have a tendency to go off lay or not come into lay). Once established and in lay a small amount of treats can be offered at the end of the day.

  • Suits commercial, retail or niche market egg producers or hobbyist wanting different coloured eggs.
  • 320+ pure white eggs in the first year.
  • Excellent economic and production efficiencies.This commercial strain of White Leghorn is one of the most productive birds available, if not the most. Producing huge numbers of very high quality pure white eggs, this bird is the choice of many producers in a variety of systems in all parts of the world. A small bird with low feed intake and excellent feed conversion helps reduce production costs especially with mixed colour egg production. Very well suited to all intensive or extensive commercial production systems. Although the smallest of the hybrids the White leghorn prefers a free range existence and tends to prefers its own company, saying that it is a beautiful bird that produces great eggs.

We guarantee you happy healthy stock, free advice and guidance to keep your chickens healthy. We aim to have here everything you need to successfully keep your chickens.
Uniquely here at Moonridge you can walk amongst the chickens and pick out your favourite individuals.
It is not always about the breed, for some people it has a lot to do with their characters!

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5 reviews for White Leghorn Chicken

  1. Elizabeth Bartley

    Brilliant layers. Pure white egg is delicious as soft boiled egg for breakfast. Rarely misses a day. Adventurous and trouble free.

  2. Elizabeth Bartley

    Brilliant layers. Pure white egg is delicious as soft boiled egg for breakfast. Rarely misses a day. Adventurous and trouble free.

  3. Sarah

    Great layers, best eggs ever, cheeky mischievous hens 🙂

  4. Oliver Dietrich

    Great little hens, lay daily, are inquisitive and friendly

  5. Lin

    My first time trying Leghorn as I wanted white eggs, not disappointed, she lays the biggest white eggs despite she is the smallest in the flock. Not as flighty as expected, she is sweet and allows you pick her up and pet her. However I will not try Leghorn again as she is LOUD. Be careful if you have close neighbours, I am not sure if she is the special one but her voice is like a crow, and she is super talkative. None of my other hens like her.
    But if you don’t have close neighbours and want reliable layer of big eggs, Leghorn is definitely one of the best.

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