The Moon Ridge Mega Mix 6 bird selection

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Embrace the egg !! 

This package may contain a mixture of our chickens but you will get a great selection of coloured eggs. Select the bundle tab to see which chickens are currently include

Please note we are unable to deliver birds during avian flu , please do not select delivery for your order if it includes birds 

Please see How to make a purchase before you buy from us.

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Devon Blue

27 in stock

White Leghorn
White Leghorn Chicken

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Lohman Brown
Lohman Brown Chicken

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Speckled Gold
Speckled Gold Chicken

9 in stock

Columbian Blacktail
Columbian Black Tail Chicken

17 in stock

Sussex Rock
Sussex Rock Chicken

12 in stock

A Word On Stock At Moonridge

All stock is live and as accurate as possible on this website. We hatch and rear most of our own birds and breed our own livestock so in most cases there would be something growing on that would be ready to go shortly. To be notified when an item is relisted please click on the email notification link on each product page.

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