Cou Cou Maran Chicken

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Sometimes called the speckled, lays 260 brown eggs per year. A friendly hen and full of character a lovely family hen who really is a beauty.

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Cou Cou Maran Point of Lay Chickens

  • Suits retail, niche market or domestic egg producers.
  •  260 mid brown eggs in first year .
  • Beautiful plumage and versatile production.

We guarantee you happy healthy stock, free advice and guidance to keep your chickens healthy. We aim to have here everything you need to successfully keep your chickens.
Uniquely here at Moon Ridge you can walk amongst the chickens and pick out your favourite individuals.
It is not always about the breed for some people it has a lot to do with their characters!!
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2 reviews for Cou Cou Maran Chicken

  1. Su

    Extremely friendly and good egg layers

  2. Veronica Leat

    Collected three beautiful hens on Saturday. The trouble is, when you get to Moonridge you are spoilt for choice. All the hens are gorgeous, with lovely fluffy bottoms. At home, after a few hours they knew where to go to bed and appear very calm and tame. A young woman caught them for us with minimal fuss, and handled them carefully – no holding them by their wings. So far, we can’t believe our luck!

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