These chicks were hatched on the 26th of May
They are female guaranteed. 
Minimum order of three chicks, no individual sales please.
They must be collected within three working days of order.
Please note our guarantee does not extend to chicks. 
For breed type please see the pages about the specific chicken for more information.
Devon Blue Chestnut Ranger Light Sussex Chicken Blue Maran Chicken Columbian Black Tail Chicken 

Please read our information on rearing chicks,
Rearing Chicks. 

We have also a Sasso table bird (unsexed) for sale. Slow growing can reach up to 3.5kg in 84 days 

Chicks wings do not require clipping 
To make a purchase from our farm please refer to How To Buy From Us


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Light Sussex, Blue Maran, Cou Cou Maran, Columbian Blacktail, Devon Blue, Chestnut Ranger, Sasso Table Chick


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