Bovans Nera Chicken

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An extremely hardy chicken that lays 330 brown eggs a year. One of first of the flock to make friends always on the look out for treats!!

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Bovans Nera Point of Lay Chickens

  • Suits all production systems, commercial to domestic.
  • 300 mid brown egg in first year.
  • For extreme environments, long productive life.

This Rhode Island Red crossed Barred Plymouth Rock takes its genetics from the original black hybrid breeding programme.  The big advantage of this strain over other black hybrids is the commercial nature of the parent stock and breeding system.  Well proven over decades in all systems including the most demanding environments, this bird is suitable for everyone. From hobbyist to commercial free range units

We guarantee you happy healthy stock, free advice and guidance to keep your chickens healthy. We aim to have here everything you need to successfully keep your chickens.
Uniquely here at Moon Ridge you can walk amongst the chickens and pick out your favourite individuals.
It is not always about the breed for some people it has a lot to do with their characters!!
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We sell carry boxes to transport  your poultry home £3.00 each and will hold two birds

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For more information please visit our Why Our Chickens & FAQ page and for a comprehensive guide to all our breeds please download our Chicken Information PDF.

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4 reviews for Bovans Nera Chicken

  1. Emma doran

    Really friendly staff and service. Great chicken catching ability!! Really pleased with our four new hens 1xlohman brown and 3xbovans nera. Friendly sociable birds that have settled well into my small flock and already started producing. Would highly recommend moon ridge farm. Thanks guys! 🙂

  2. Mary Anne

    Delighted with the two Bovans Nera and one Speckled Leghorn purchased three weeks ago. One of the B Nera has started laying (in November!) so truly point of lay. They settled in really quickly and are charming, inquisitive and confident little characters. I was very impressed with the high standards kept at Moonridge and you will certainly see you again.

  3. happy customer

    Fantastic farm , great staff , great shop, brilliant advice , took the time to offer us the choice on our choice of poultry. We have visited so many local ‘poultry business’ but none come close to the professional set up here at Moon Ridge .

  4. Julia Mitchell

    Cluck and Collect service was excellent, without any hitches. The boxes were perfect for travelling home with. The description was spot on so far, the Bovans Nera hen was first out to make friends with our family with children aged 2, 5 & 8, she is confident and inquisitive. These are our first hens, just settling them in and waiting for first eggs!

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