Peahens (Indian Blue, Pied, White, Black shouldered, Purple, Opal, Bronze)


All our peafowl are sold as this years youngster 2020 hatch .
They can lay as two year olds but they are fully mature by three years old 

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All our peafowl unless described are last years hatch 2020 and the pictures displayed show them as mature birds and are not of the individuals we are selling.
We sell young birds as these will ‘home’ much easier to your area. All our peafowl that we sell are kept in open fronted barns so they have not formed an association with our farm environment. Meaning they will be less likely to roam. 

Keeping Peafowl

Keeping Peafowl in the UK free range or in large aviaries

Keeping peafowl in the UK is rewarding and there are very few predators for peafowl.

However a fox will take an adult peafowl, also they will kill a peahen while she is sitting on a clutch of eggs.
Peafowl do not have any road sense and are easily injured or killed by passing vehicles.
There is no law within the UK which makes it necessary to report an accident involving peafowl.   
if you are planning on keeping peafowl free range, you need to provide natural protection for the birds.

How to introduce peafowl to their new home

When introducing Peafowl to your garden or land, they should be contained within an aviary for minimum of eight to twelve weeks 
Putting the Peafowl into an enclosed shed or barn will not help the bird too acclimatize. 
Ideally they should be able to see out of the building and see the area that they will live in.
If you have more than one new peafowl, let the birds out individually one at a time until they acclimatize to the new area.  
Peafowl are very social birds and like to live in muster groups and rarely live alone.



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Indian Blue, Black Shouldered, Pied, White, Opal, Bronze, Purple


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