Embden/Toulouse x Geese


The best goose for free range, grazing,  security, plus a great table bird that will lay a large white egg and plenty of them.

We hatch and rear lots each year and sell sexed from day old to POL birds which free range the paddocks on the farm.

The perfect all round small holders bird.
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Our Embden come from the Legarth blood lines so they are a large white goose which are ideal for small holders as they still lay large numbers of eggs , keep the grass short, are great at keeping trespassers at bay but also produce a good size bird for the table . All our geese are outdoor reared and are kept as free range as possible . Our geese will grow to a good size if they are fed well. They are fine on a diet of good quality grass but if this is not available and to keep them tame it is advisable to supplement their feed especially in the winter with a pellet and for fattening either a specialist ration or wheat. We breed our Embden x for the table each Christmas with average weights from 5kg up to 7kg oven ready



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