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Please make sure you can give the ducklings, heat, water and feed. they need heat up to three weeks of age. 
Please do not order ducklings/ goslings that have different hatch dates as the size difference means that they can not be brooded easily together 
We do not sell single ducklings they should bought in minimum of three.
We do not sell via colour just sex , and type.
To make a purchase from our farm please refer to Making a Purchase

Hatches are for 2021 ( approx may be listed day before or day after ) The ducklings that are for sale are from the most recent hatch date.
We sell them up to two weeks of age and then rear on to sell as outdoor and hardy.
Depending when you plan to collect they may be from a later hatch date.


All Ducklings must be collected within three days of order or next collection date ( which ever is sooner )
July 7th
July 21st
August 4th



For information on care of ducklings please read  Domestic Ducks FAQ

We hatch in season every two weeks, so any ducklings are for sale from the most recent hatch . We sell up to 2/3 weeks old then we rear on and then relist for sale when they are outdoor and hardy so you can be insured of a healthy , free range duck.
We do not sell between these ages as they are reared else where on the farm. So we sell as ducklings up to the maximum of three weeks old and then again when they are able to go outside and be ‘free range’

Please follow our recommendation and purchase ducklings in a minimum of trios , they are flock birds and need company of their own type.

Ducklings can only be bought from the farm collected , we do not deliver or courier ducklings . We do not sell single ducklings They are not included within our guarantee . As we are hatching regularly we do not reserve ducklings  during the main hatching season we  generally have a good selection here. We also sell heat lamps , suitable feeders and drinkers plus bedding and can give great advice for any new duck / duckling keepers

Ducklings need to be feed  Duck starter crumb 5kgwhich can be ordered through the shop.
We advise the addition of  intervits that can help with stress of moving and is ideal for young birds
If you have ordered ducklings from us we will ensure you have the correct feed for them.
They need heat for the first three weeks of their life. This can be provided by a heat lamp and bulb.
They will also need bedding we use shavings for ducklings as it is super absorbent.
Please ensure you have suitable drinker and feeder for your ducklings

For more information please refer to our pages
Want to Keep ducks  
domestic leaflet                          
Have a look at our price list and browse our shop


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Silver Appleyard, Mini Silver Appleyard, Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell, Cayuga, Pekin x, Moscovy, Call, Cherry Valley


Duck, Drake

5 reviews for Ducklings

  1. moonridge

    Great healthy sexed ducklings true to breed type . Knowledgeable staff who are friendly and helpful , thank you .

  2. Tiffany

    Brilliant service! Picked up my two miniature silver appleyard Ducklings yesterday! Absolutely beautiful love them and the staff where very helpful.

  3. megs

    great loved the duck thanks xx

  4. Darcey


  5. Georgia

    10/10 ducks

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