Hardwood Chicken Chips 70 litre


Hardwood Wood Chips for use as a surface in poultry runs. Sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, this is the answer to ‘what do I put on the floor of my chicken run’.

Long lasting the best surface for keeping your hens dry in their run area. These can be washed down and will not break down easily.


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If your hens have a fixed run, and they are scratching at bare earth or splashing about in mud, sprinkle a good layer of hardwood woodchip in their run and you will have happy hens!

The chickens love it; it keeps them clean, gives them something to scratch in all day long, washes through with the rain and only needs changing perhaps once or twice a year. Much better than bark, which we do not advise because of the mould spores, and bark does become slushy after the rain; softwood would degrade very quickly and just work its way into the mud; hardwood woodchip though will just sit on top of the ground and can easily withstand all weathers; even though it is a hardwood it is still soft enough for the birds and best replicates the surfaces of their ancestral roots from the jungle. We have found this woodchip is an absolutely perfect surface for chickens.



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