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On-Site Poultry Shop.

Welcome to our Poultry Shop. We have an amazing array of poultry orientated products for all you poultry keepers We stock quality housing ( tried and tested and used on the farm) Feed in 5kg and 20kg bags from our local mill. The same quality feed we use over the whole farm. A huge array of feeders and drinkers plus bedding and health and hygiene products. All backed by great knowledge and advice on all our products. Best buys are our Poultry Packages. All our products are sourced as locally as possible as well as ensuring the quality and service we are known for.

Our Starter Packs Popular with all our  keepers, Great value and Great products.They offer a discounted price but still provide the very best quality
Quail Starter Package 
Brooder Package
Poultry essential plus
poultry flock package
Poultry Essentails Package
Poultry Trio Package

Featured product of the month ‘The Chicken Guard’

chickenguard-premium-solo-300x223Just £135.00

The Premium Chicken Guard automatically opens your chicken coop door in the morning and closes it at night.



What ever you need for your poultry we sell it here at Moon Ridge

In the shop we sell feed , feeders , drinkers , bedding and range of poultry treats as well as all the health and accessory products , every thing you will every need when it comes to keeping poultry. Whether you are new to poultry keeping or just replenishing stock for your birds we have it here.
Our business is driven by quality so you can be ensured you are getting a great product.  We believe our range we have here is the best the south west has to offer whilst maintaining an affordable price.

Our products include :

Our Starter Packs Popular with all our  keepers, Great value and Great products.They offer a discounted price but still provide the very best quality
Quail Starter Package 
Poultry essential plus
poultry flock package
Poultry Essentails Package
Poultry Trio Package

All our houses  are locally sourced.
Traditional wooden housing is designed and handcrafted in Devon by a committed poultry keeper of many years  using  tanalized wood from sustainable sources. For local customers we offer a delivery and installation service  please just ask.
Our range of Eco housing is made in Somerset and has an amazing 10 year warranty. Very simple to put together, comes flat packed for you take away or we can organize delivery for you.
Nest boxes and shelters . We sell a range of nest boxes ideal for all waterfowl.

The health of your Poultry is our top priority and that’s why we stock a wide range of poultry feeds to keep your birds eating the right food to keep them happy and healthy. Layers Pellets or Mash are essential to giving your chickens a balanced diet of the right nutrients. Feeding them an incorrect diet of kitchen scraps or corn won’t give them enough of the stuff they need, which can impact their health and inhibit good egg laying. We do also have a good selection of mixed corn and poultry treats to give as extras to your birds.
Feed: Crediton Milling Range of feed in easy to use 5kg bags and 20kg bags
Layers Pellets, Mixed corn , Growers Pellets and Chick Crumb and our own Moon Ridge Quail ration.
Treats: Pecka blocks , mixed corn , everything to keep your poultry happy, healthy and productive

Hygiene and Husbandry products
Parasite treatments: Sprays and powders to fight and control and indeed avoid mites and lice in your coops and on your birds.
Disinfectants and cleaners: for your coop and pen including ready to use products and concentrated solutions
First Aid range: A comprehensive range of products for the most common ailments such as scaly legs , open wounds and lethargic birds.Including a range of herbal remedies.
Husbandry: Accessories to help with you and the birds , scoops , nest eggs leg rings , bits etc.

Health Products
Like all animals, Poultry are susceptible to the cold weather and pick up the odd cold and flu. They can also be susceptible to internal worms and harbour mites and lice. We know it’s important to ward off any of these nasties as you can that’s why we stock a variety of different health supplements, worming pellets, lice treatment and housing disinfectants. It can sometimes be hard to know what’s wrong with your chickens but our team is always here to help you with any issues and queries that you have. Everyday supplements to encourage naturally healthy and robust birds , we stock a wide range of product to aid chicks and ducklings to POl and retired birds!
Natural Wormers and Natural Digestion: This range of products includes Verm-X as well as apple vinegar , garlic supplements
Vitamins and tonics: We stock a  range of Thrive products . These supplements are scientifically formulated to have a therapeutic effect in specific circumstance ~ make sure you choose the right one. We also stock multivitamins and tonics all to help keep your birds in tip top condition.

Again local , from the fields of West Devon we offer chopped straw an economical and environmental friendly bedding in large or small amounts . Used here on our farm for all the poultry. Wood shavings the best bedding there is in terms of value for money , long levity and absorbancy coupled with a bedding sanitiser (we sell here) for both the straw and wood shavings you will save your self time and money.
We also have a local supply of wood chip , great for your poultry runs. You can help your self at the front of the farm ( bring your own bags / trailers etc ) For a small charge.

Feeders and Drinkers
Drinkers and Feeders: British designed and made feeders and drinkers offering robust and easy to use range from small chick feeders to 25kg field feeders for your poultry


We also sell from the shop hatching eggs , eggs for eating , egg boxes for both chicken and quail


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Passionate about poultry

Passionate about poultry

We all love working with poultry. Between us there is over 8 decades of experience in owning all types of poultry as a hobby and commercially. Our poultry team have qualifications in animal and poultry care. All our team participate in our regular training sessions led by top poultry vets.

Plenty of poultry

Plenty of poultry

As well as our breeds of chickens we have ducks, geese, quail, peafowl and guinea fowl, beautiful wildfowl and even rheas. All kept in a beautiful farm setting overlooking the Creedy valley. We have poultry paddocks, open fronted barns, a quackery, parkland and brooder areas where all our birds can be seen.

Perfect Poultry

Perfect Poultry

All our point of lay birds come with a 28-day health guarantee. We hatch and rear most of our own birds or use partner farms to rear our birds for us to our exacting standards. Our business is all about poultry. We offer free friendly practical and simple advice on everything we sell here.

Plus, more than Poultry

Plus, more than Poultry

As a working farm we also have pygmy goats, sheep, deer , pigs , wallabies to purchase (advance notice needed) We also have a fabulous shop here selling everything poultry from feed and bedding to housing plus a range of other feeds for your small holding animals.