Droppings tray x 2


Dropping trays for Eco housing 



Droppings Tray in black recycled plastic (ABS – the same material used for car bumpers). We use 2.5mm thick ABS, which make trays quite rigid and surprisingly tough.

This is a strong and lightweight tray that makes cleaning a really quick and simple task. We have two sizes of tray to fit our houses (the number of trays will vary by house type and size, so please ensure that you order the correct tray set for your house). Please note that the trays are not an exact fit in all of the houses, and there will be small gaps between the edges of the trays and the sides of the house. In the case of the House and Lodge Large, the gap is several centimetres.

Trays are easy to handle and make it simple to tip the droppings and shavings into your wheelbarrow.

The trays are approximately 25mm (one inch) deep, so hold a decent quantity of bedding, such as wood shavings. The surfaces are smooth and they have sloping sides, so they are easy to clean and can be stacked if required.

Here are the tray sets for our houses:

  • Chicken House Small – 1 Square Tray
  • Chicken House Medium – Set of 2 Rectangular Trays
  • Chicken House Large – Set of 3 Rectangular Trays
  • Chicken Lodge Small – 1 Square Tray
  • Chicken Lodge Medium – Set of 2 Rectangular Trays
  • Chicken Lodge Large – Set of 3 Rectangular Trays
  • Chicken Loft Small – Set of 3 Rectangular Trays
  • Chicken Loft Medium – Set of 4 Rectangular Trays
  • Chicken Barn – Set of 2 Square Trays
  • Chicken Wagon – 1 Square Tray (Note: Leaves 65mm side gap and 105mm end gap to Wagon walls)



Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dropping trays

Rectangular tray set (2 trays), Square Tray x 1 (1 tray)


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