American Wild Turkey


£60.00 per pair . Hens are £35.00 We should have poults available late September /October time 2017
We breed and sell the American wild turkey here at Moon Ridge Farm. They are a lovely looking bird , quiet and steady .Wild Turkeys are thinner than domestic turkeys, and their tails are tipped with brown, not white. Male Wild Turkeys grow to about four feet long. including the tail. Females grow to about three feet.Males and females can be told apart by the breast feathers. Males’ breast feathers have black tips, females are brown. They are extremely hardy and can adapt to most environments. They are good fliers so it is best if their wings are clipped. However once happy and homed in to an area they will settle and are unlikely to fly off..

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Explorers brought wild turkeys to Europe in the sixteenth century. So successful was their domestication that English settlers actually took them back to America with them as farm stock. Male turkeys are known as gobblers after the loud ‘gobbling’ calls they use to attract females, a sound that can be heard over a mile away.

Turkeys’ heads and necks can be blue, red or white depending on the season or their mood. These are the heaviest of the gamebirds, but they’re no slouches when it comes to getting around, they can run at 25mph and fly at 55mph. Turkeys are plentiful and widespread in North America, where they forage in fields and woodlands by day and roost in trees at night.

Wild Turkeys Info

  • Weight – Tom (stag): up to 20 pounds ; Hen: between 8-12 pounds
  • Colour – Chestnut brown-tipped tail coverts and dark buff or chocolate brown tail tips, the Eastern Wild Turkey. The gobbler’s breast feathers are tipped in black, while other body feathers are colored with copper or bronze metallic iridescence. The primary wing feathers have white and black bars, while the secondary wing feathers mainly have prominent white bars

We free range our wild turkeys here and during breeding time keep a trio or two in a netted pens so we can easily locate their eggs.


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