This years hatch peafowl ready for sale
Indian Blue Males £60.00 Indian Blue females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
Black Shouldered Males £60.00 Black Shouldered females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
Pied Males £ 60.00 Pied Females £110.00 Bought as a pair £150.00
White Males £140.00 White Females £140.00 Bought as a pair £280.00
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Here at Moon Ridge Farm we keep and breed peafowl , they are seasonal layers , we tend to sell yearlings and occasionally mature birds .

The breeds we keep are

  • Indian Blue
  • Black Shouldered
  • Pied
  • White

All our breeding stock are kept within the 15 acres of fox proof enclosures , they have plenty of mature trees to roost in and lots of vegetation to keep them occupied. We feed them daily on a mixture of pellets and grains . They live very happily in our mixed enclosures with the wallabies , mara and deer in the ‘deer park’.  We usually sell them once they are sex able from about four months . If you have never kept peafowl and what to have a chat and some advice on how to keep them please feel free to call or email us


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