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Indian Runners

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We have sexed Indian runner ducks here at present from £20.00 each 

Three ways to buy…….. 
1/ Visit our farm 
Choose from the selection we have here and take them home.
2/ Use our new click and collect service
Reserve your choice of bird online, must be  collected within two weeks.
3/ Order online now for delivery. *

Have a look at purchasing at moon ridge for more information.

For both the above simply add the number of chickens to your basket and at the basket/ check out simply select to reserve or for delivery
*All birds ordered for delivery by Friday 4.00pm  will  usually be delivered on the Thursday. 
All orders will receive confirmation via email from ourselves once availability /delivery has been booked and confirmed.
We do not employ any admin staff but we will do our best to send confirmations asap. 

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  • The Indian Runner is a very busy duck, great for the back yard; they love snails and slugs and are one of the best forms of organic pest control. We supply several garden centers for this purpose. This was their original use in the Far East where they were used to keep the rice fields free of nasties. They are predominantly kept for eggs: laying well over 200 per year. Laying an egg varying between white, off white and pale green. They cannot fly, the females quack and the males have a hoarse whisper. We love these ducks each having their own character they provide great amusement in the garden and never fail to entertain. They make great pets, a firm favorite with our children. We sell fully feathered and point of lay birds at £30.00 each. Day old (in season) at £15.00 each sexed.

All our ducks are bred here at Moon Ridge. We find ducks to be delightful, trusting and loyal. They are easy to keep and depending on the breed are prolific egg layers. Ducks tend to be very hardy and suffer from far fewer diseases than other types of poultry. They are easy to keep with simple housing and protection from the fox they will give you much pleasure and enjoyment. Domestic ducks are as happy on land as they are on the water, a simple receptacle of water so they can wash and preen is all that is required ( child’s plastic sandpit is ideal) Ducks are excellent foragers and will hoover up all your slugs and snails. With the exception of the Muscovy, all domestic ducks are believed to be descendants of the mallard. To keep domestic ducks it is not necessary to have a pond, although it is advisable to have a suitable water container in which the birds can bathe and mate. Consideration should be given as to how the water is changed – there are plenty of wide shallow plastic troughs available which can easily be emptied and moved around to prevent one spot becoming too muddy. One advantage of keeping domestic waterfowl rather than wildfowl is that the birds are likely to take more readily to being shut away in a house at night, reducing (but not eliminating!) the risk of predation. Have a look at our most recent for sale page Have a look at our price list and browse our shop Download our domestic duck information Domestic Leaflet Want to Keep ducks moscovy Indian Runners cayugas silverappleyards khaki campbells

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1 review for Indian Runners

  1. Rachel Sandford

    Having been to lots of poultry business’s in Devon Moon ridge wins hands down on everything from actually hatching their own ducks to the professionalism of the owners and team who work there. You can contact via email / social media and telephone and you get a response ! Plus a four week guarantee on all their birds is quite unique . I will be gettting all my poultry from this amazing place in the future.

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