We sell our domestic geese as goslings 
Our Embden Toulouse cross as day olds currently.
£12.00 each sexed 
Chinese , grey and white and African we sell when they are off heat and we are sure of what breed they are ( they tend to look very similar as day olds out the hatchery) £20.00 each as goslings 


Goslings ~ Need to be kept on heat for up to three weeks , it is good to introduce some grass to their diet from day old but are fine on chick crumb ….. the need to be protected from predators and inclement weather once introduced to the outside , need to be kept in a safe draft free environment and shut in a secure area , well bedded over night. They do not need swimming water and do not need splash water until they get their adult feathers . There is no reason not to introduce them to small bodies of water , make sure it is easy to get in and out of and they are not left out in cold weather when wet and be prepared for a lot of mess….However geese do not need swimming water just some where to submerge their head is fine ….. 

The goslings we sell are sexed so once mature you are not faced with too many ganders or indeed any ganders if you did not want any ….

Please refer to the breed pages for info on the domestic geese breeds 
Embden Toulouse X 
Chinese Geese ( white and grey)
African Geese

We also sell housing suitable for geese either the 
Duck/goose house 
Field Shelter  
These houses are great as they are easy to clean and are very strong so can cope with the demands of a gaggle of geese 


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