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The price of our ducklings are from £10.00 dependent on breed and age.

We  have some minature silver appleyard and indian runners here . 17/01/2020

Please call for availability we hatch every two weeks ( not all breeds every two weeks ) 
Not all ducklings are available all the time .
We do not reserve ducklings and they are not covered by our  guarantee.
We do our best to sell healthy strong birds but once ducklings and young stock leave the farm we can not be held responsible for any thing that may happen to them.
We sell our ducklings from day old , guaranteed correct sex drakes or ducks its your choice.
Getting ducks as young as possible helps to get them really tame and friendly.



Read Want to Keep ducks


Ducklings can only be bought from the farm collected , we do not deliver or courier ducklings . We do not sell single ducklings They are not included within our guarantee . As we are hatching regularly we do not reserve ducklings  during the main hatching season we  generally have a good selection here. Please call the evening prior to your visit for stock levels for the next days sales. We also sell heat lamps , suitable feeders and drinkers plus bedding and can give great advice for any new duck / duckling keepers

Duckling prices , see individual pages for POL prices
Call Ducks
we do not sell call ducklings
Indian Runners
Day old £15.00 each Off Heat £20.00 each Out side and hardy £25.00 
Silver Appleyards and mini silver appleyards
Day old £15.00 each Off Heat £20.00 each Out side and hardy £25.00 
Day old £15.00 each Off Heat £20.00 each Outside and hardy £25.00
Khaki Campbells
Day old £10.00 each Off Heat £12.00 each Outside and hardy £15.00
Day old £10.00 each Off Heat £12.00 each  Outside and hardy £15.00
Pekin x 
Day old £5.00 Off heat £8.00 Outside and hardy £10.00
For more information please refer to our pages
Want to Keep ducks   
domestic leaflet                          

Have a look at our most recent for sale page
Have a look at our price list and browse our shop


1 review for Ducklings

  1. moonridge

    Great healthy sexed ducklings true to breed type . Knowledgeable staff who are friendly and helpful , thank you .

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Passionate about poultry

Passionate about poultry

We all love working with poultry. Between us there is over 8 decades of experience in owning all types of poultry as a hobby and commercially. Our poultry team have qualifications in animal and poultry care. All our team participate in our regular training sessions led by top poultry vets.

Plenty of poultry

Plenty of poultry

As well as our breeds of chickens we have ducks, geese, quail, peafowl and guinea fowl, beautiful wildfowl and even rheas. All kept in a beautiful farm setting overlooking the Creedy valley. We have poultry paddocks, open fronted barns, a quackery, parkland and brooder areas where all our birds can be seen.

Perfect Poultry

Perfect Poultry

All our point of lay birds come with a 28-day health guarantee. We hatch and rear most of our own birds or use partner farms to rear our birds for us to our exacting standards. Our business is all about poultry. We offer free friendly practical and simple advice on everything we sell here.

Plus, more than Poultry

Plus, more than Poultry

As a working farm we also have pygmy goats, sheep, deer , pigs , wallabies to purchase (advance notice needed) We also have a fabulous shop here selling everything poultry from feed and bedding to housing plus a range of other feeds for your small holding animals.