Poultry Vit Boost Tonic


Nettex Poultry Vit Boost Tonic is a complimentary supplement formulated specifically for chickens that supplies essential vitamins to support health, growth and vitality all year round through the drinking water.

  • Developed to help support chicken overall health, particularly in times of stress such as moulting, laying, heat stress, mite infestation, illness or during the introduction new birds to the flock.
  • Supports maintenance of peak egg production and chicken health.
  • Contains seaweed for egg quality and yolk colour.
  • Contains Biotin to help maintain healthy skin and feathers and supports feather regrowth following moulting.
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  • Do not use undiluted.
  • Maintenance: Add Poultry Vit Boost Tonic to the birds’ water at a rate of 5ml to 4.5ltrs of water for 5 days once a month.
  • During periods of stress: Feed at a rate of 5ml to 1ltr of drinking water for 5 days once a month.
  • Make up fresh solution daily.


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