Treadle Feeder 12kg


Galvanised Poultry Feeder with a capacity of 12 kg of pelleted feed. Suitable for Chickens, some Duck breeds, Turkeys and, with training, Geese. A simple idea, the chickens stand on the mesh grid and the flap opens to reveal the food.

This all-weather galvanised feeder cannot be operated by vermin (they don’t weigh enough to open the flap covering the feed), and it also cannot be operated by smaller wild birds so big feed savings can be made.

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Measures: 35cm wide x 49 cm deep (incl treadle) x 48 cm high. Hopper (excl treadle) is 24 cm deep. Holds approx. 12kg layers pellets. Please note the width of the feed trough is approx 33cm (13 inches)

Tough plastic hopper lid, plastic treadle and plastic trough. Requires some self assembly to put the treadle in place but no tools needed. Instructions included. Please note that when described as Vermin-Resistant we refer to rats and mice, not squirrels, who are not (mostly) considered to be vermin. Squirrel damage is not covered by the warranty.

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