Poultry Electric Fencing 25m Netting Kit

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Perfect protection for your flock.


25 metres of green poultry net
4 double spike corner posts
HLC80 Gemini 80 energiser
Hot gate system
1m Earth spike
Ground skewers
Corner guys
Warning sign

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For the owner of a small chicken flock, or perhaps the back garden chicken keeper, this is an ideally sized electric fencing kit to fit nicely within your outdoor space, and as it comes in a natural green colour, blends in perfectly with the countryside scenery! The perfect size to not take up too much space in your garden, while still providing your hens with enough room to scratch at the dirt and pull up the odd juicy worm.

Protect your egg laying feathered friends against predators like foxes, weasels, and cats with this electric fencing kit from Hotline which offers a great deterrent against most would be chicken hunters. Featuring a subtle green poultry net, corner posts, a top quality Gemini 80 energiser, hot gate system, tester, earth spike, ground skewers, pegs, corner guys, and a warning sign – you have everything you need to get set-up in a matter of minutes.

Power sources: Mains power supply or 12v battery.


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