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Devon Blues are a blue/green  egg layer based hybrid. They are friendly birds which have a gentle nature about them, although a small hybrid they do enjoy a run around !!They are capable of laying around 240 Green—Blue eggs per year. Very popular if we have them in stock be quick as they sell very fast!! Please note the picture does not reflect all the color variations of this breed. Page down for more information.


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Devon Blues are a blue egg layer based hybrid. They are friendly birds which have a gentle nature about them, although a small hybrid they do enjoy a run around !!

They are capable of laying around 240 Green—Blue eggs per year

All birds ordered by Friday 4pm will be delivered on the Thursday of that week. We use a trusted DEFRA registered courier or we deliver ourselves depending on location and number of birds.

The Devon blue is a an Heinz 57 variety and can come in up to five different color varieties , blue, white, speckled, columbian and legbar we can not always determine which we have in stock and what you may get we also can not guarantee they lay a green /blue egg approx 90%. 

We guarantee you happy healthy stock, free advice and guidance to keep your chickens healthy. We aim to have here everything you need to successfully keep your chickens.
Uniquely here at Moon Ridge you can walk amongst the chickens and pick out your favourite individuals.
It is not always about the breed for some people it has a lot to do with their characters!!
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3 reviews for Devon Blue

  1. Aidan Bowen

    They are lovely girls that certainly have an attitude, but they have a nice temperament. They are very fluffy but they always have at least one feather out of place. Also I know they only supposed to lay 240 eggs per year but they lay around 300 lovely blue eggs. I highly recommend getting one or ten.

  2. Anna james

    In comparison to my other birds our Devon blue is feisty and flighty.
    All our chickens came from Moonridge farm who were fantastic at giving advice and the birds were in great condition.
    My others are light sussex, cou cou marran, blue marran- all are wonderful layers, calm and friendly birds.
    Maybe we picked the wrong one out the pen but I much prefer our other chickens.

  3. Lucia

    Such a character this bird, stands out from the flock ! First one to check everything , curious nature. Started laying at 25 weeks old, daily. Very friendly with the other girls, we love Bella !

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