Domestic Ducks

We hatch and rear the majority of the ducks here .We sell most of the ducks in the year they were hatched. Generally in January and February we will only have a few fully grown ducks here from late last years hatch.

We start hatching as early as we can and sell from day old up to approx three weeks( on heat) and then we sell when hardy and outdoors.
We sell our ducks sexed and by breed ( as best we can ) from day old.
We do not sell our domestic ducks as POL. Generally the later in the year you buy we will have older birds here. Our first hatches normally all sell as ducklings.
You can see availability if you click on the product type and then on the breed of duckling .. the hatch date should be listed on the description as well.

Please read our information of Domestic ducks and FAQ for information 

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