Why Moon ridge for your poultry ?
We aim to help, support and supply you with everything you need. Keeping your poultry happy, healthy and productive.
Our Point of Lay chickens are fully vaccinated, guaranteed healthy, hardy and productive (plus the friendliest hens around). Uniquely we offer a four week health guarantee for all our POL birds.
We have Point of lay , Bantams  Large fowl plus much more

We are the ideal place for new poultry keepers. Our poultry team have years of experience and are all fully involved in the hatching and rearing of all our birds. Collectively we know everything about our birds as we are all  working with the birds on a daily basis.

In our poultry store we stock everything you need to successfully keep your chickens: feed, housing, equipment plus much more. With over three decades of supplying poultry We offer a free advice service from our dedicated poultry team throughout your poultry keeping years. Our team are trained and experienced in all aspects of poultry keeping. Whether you are a long term poultry keeper or a complete newbie we welcome you to our farm. We love keeping chickens and we want you to enjoy your poultry as much as we do. We are the gateway to poultry keeping and help every one from hobbyist to those considering a  more commercial venture.

Our Point of lay birds are reared on our ‘partner farms’  and come to us when Point Of Lay. We follow them from eggs to hatch and then to  POL  so we know they are reared to the highest of standards and as healthy as can be .
Our bantams and large fowl are hatched and breed on the farm in small numbers.
All our quail , guinea fowl, peafowl , Domestic ducks , Domestic geese  wildfowl and rheas are also hatched and reared here on our farm.
Rearing our own birds ensures we know and can stand behind all our birds we sell that is why we are happy to give a four week guarantee.
You can also buy most of our birds as ‘on heat’ we then rear on and sell as hardy and outdoors


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A Word On Stock At Moonridge

All stock is live and as accurate as possible on this website. We hatch and rear most of our own birds and breed our own livestock so in most cases there would be something growing on that would be ready to go shortly. To be notified when an item is relisted please click on the email notification link on each product page.

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