Sussex Rock

Merv’s Flock Friendly Advice

Our tip of August (however I fear the weather may have changed !!) Heat stress has been an issue with all livestock (us included) this year. This can lead to a few problems, heavy fast-growing birds and older birds can suffer from heart attacks and as with any kind of stress it can lower immunity […]

Mandarins x5

Visit us this month ……….

Currently For Sale POL Chickens £16.00 each please check availability  White Leghorn, Light sussex , Amber Link , Lohman Brown, Colombian Black tail , Blue maran, Cou Cou maran, Sussex Rock , Bovans Nera , Chestnut ranger ( dark egg layer) Devon Blue (blue egg layer) Boht £22.00 You can now order our POL hybrids […]

Sprocker Puppies For Sale

Sprocker puppies for sale 11/08/2018 ready to go shortly. Gorgeous sprocker puppies for sale from a working pedigree cocker and a 3/4 springer 1/4 sprocker mum ( Seeker) . Mum, sister and auntie can all be seen here at the farm. Ideal working dogs they also make fantastic family dogs , they have a lovely […]

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