Gorgeous Goose

Gorgeous Goose
The only truly seasonal bird at Christmas

Why not try Goose this Christmas, more people are choosing goose for Christmas ~ for good reason :the age-old tradition , natural open air lifestyle of the goose and succulent flavour are appealing qualities

The goose is definitely back and Kate at Moon ridge farm has five good reason why people should choose goose this year

• Rearing of geese has not change for hundreds of years; geese are reared today as they have been though the centuries ~ in small flocks in the open air, customers of the Moon Ridge goose can be sure they are buying a free range bird reared by time honored traditions.

• They are an easy bird to cook , families choosing goose for the first time will find that cooking is much easier they they’d realized , at Moon Ridge you get a free recipe booklet and pop up timer just to make sure of a successful festive meal (I find it much easier then other poultry to cook ) all you need to do is follow some simple guide lines and your family with be surprised and delighted by how great your goose taste

• A major bonus is the goose fat, cherished by top chefs for perfect roast potatoes and vegetable, sold separately in supermarkets for more money then the actual goose lb. for lb. At Moon ridge we separate out all the fat and return to the bird .The customer gets all the fat from their particular goose.

• Goose meat is really very good for you it is the naturally-reared, quality
Christmas choice. Goose meat has less fat then lamb or beef and has a relatively low proportion of saturated fat and higher proportion of mono-unsaturated and essential fatty acid.
• The fifth and best reason is you have a great goose producer right on your door step at Moon Ridge Farm , all our birds we hatch our selves on the farm Many goose producers buy in their geese as days old from large hatcheries . At Moon Ridge we want to be sure we are rearing the best possible bird so we select the breeding stock carefully each year to ensure our customers the best. Merv and Kate lovingly rear the geese on their farm and to ensure the least amount of stress to the goose they are processed there as well , all under the watchful eye of Merv who is always very proud of his Moon Ridge Geese So…
Make your Christmas a gorgeous goose day

So order your gorgeous goose now ……www.moonridgefarm.co.uk or call 01392 851190 or pop in to see us Moon Ridge Farm Newton st Cyres Ex55aa