Delivery of Livestock




For Live animals/poultry

Why Have Your Poultry  Delivered?

We have a national reputation for the quality of our  birds and animals here at the farm.
.We have been delivering birds for over 20 years around the country and were the first business to offer a simple and fast  online delivery system so its easy to order .
Why let your location limit your choice.  We select your birds based on breed and any other requirements you may have that we are able to fulfill.
All orders are selected by our trained team and health checked prior to leaving the farm.

Health Guarantee

We never send any birds  that are not old enough or strong enough for their journey,
,We guarantee  healthy and happy poultry  delivered to your door, if you are not happy for any reason please contact us and refer to our guarantee policy   We will help to resolve the issue .

Is It Safe for birds  to travel?

Yes, it is safe provided they are transported properly, if you think about it it’s much like if you had collected them yourself and popped them in a cat carrier/ transport box.
Each bird is given a health check by our team prior to being sent to ensure they are happy, healthy and ready for their new home.
Birds are transported in specially designed crates or strong cardboard ventilate boxes with secure flooring , access to water and feed.

We do not export any of our animals, birds or eggs outside of the United Kingdom under any circumstances.

Delivery is made on a  Wednesday  , with all bookings made prior to midday on the Friday prior.
We will notify you if your delivery day is not Wednesday.
We do not deliver chicks, ducklings, or goslings.

There is a surcharge for Scotland. ( please contact us for information )
We cannot deliver any further north then Perth nor the channel islands , isle of wight, isle of man or isles of Scilly
Delivery to the channel islands is possible via the freight service from the ports .
We deliver to the port and you ( the customer )make the  on wards arrangements

Prices start from £60 and increases by £10 for each additional box required depending on the number and breed of bird ordered.
Place your items in the cart and calculate shipping to get a price.

Please place your order for live bird’s delivery separate to any hatching eggs or housing.
The delivery requirements are different so cannot be mixed in the cart.
Please order and pay separately for these items

You must be present to receive your order.
The courier company will contact you the day prior or the day of your delivery with an ETA.
This is very approximate and can be quite early in the morning or late in the day.
We ask that you allocate the whole day for your delivery as we are unable to determine a time until the courier has confirmed their route. 

Our guarantee does not extend to cover the delivery cost, if you are unhappy with your products the cost of return is not included in our guarantee policy.
If the product is proved to be faulty, we will refund the cost of the product.
We can not be held responsible for the actions of the courier, although all trained and licensed we would take any complaint seriously and follow up as the health and well being of our birds is paramount. 

Our delivery service is carried out by licensed couriers either ourselves or persons employed by our selves or a third party.
Your birds will be transport in purpose built crates or strong cardboard boxes . All birds have access to water and feed either continuously on their journey or at intervals/breaks during their journey
We will not transport in adverse weather conditions , your delivery may be delayed it the weather is very cold or hot.