Purchasing from Moon Ridge

For Point of lay hens there are three ways to pay
1/Click and collect , you can pay here on the website and collect the birds from the farm within two weeks.
2/Our delivery service pay and we delivery them to you , order and pay via the website for this service too.
3/Simply come to farm and select and pay for your birds here and then take them home

To visit our farm and have a look at our birds and purchase them –

  1. Simply come to the farm during our opening hours, you do not require an appointment for our domestics such as chicken , ducks and geese , quail , guinea fowl and peafowl.
  2. Park up , come into the shop and we will point you in the right direction on the farm for the bird/animals or your choice.
  3. Have a look  around the farm , choose your birds , we will catch them up for you answer any questions you may have.
  4.  Please bring a suitable box ( not plastic ) with you to take your birds home with you . This can be a cardboard box , a cat carrier , a dog crate, a poultry crate. We sell carry boxes here they are reusable poultry carry boxes and hold two chicken they cost £3.00 each.
  5. Come into the shop and pay for your purchases plus any other products you make like .
  6. We take card cash or cheque.
  7. If you are purchasing more than 10 of any one breed ( apart from quail we always have lots ) it is advisable to call first and then we can catch up in advance or just make a time when it is best to come.
  8. For ornamental species ie wildfowl and any of our livestock an appointment must be made.
  9. For any of our items in our shop including housing feed and bedding just come during our opening hours.
  10. For availability check the website , for most breeds here at the farm you can come and select the individual birds you want from our free range paddocks.
  11. Ducklings/goslings and chicks/keets are kept in the brooder areas and nursery .
  12. Quail are brooded and reared in large poultry free to fly sheds ( these areas are bio secure ) there is always a selection of breeds on show in the shop.
  13. Guinea fowl and peafowl are in large open fronted barns to aid selection and catching up .
  14. Wildfowl are in the waterfowl enclosures so we require advance notice to catch these up for you.

We can of course deliver. You can order chickens for delivery via the website just purchase on each breeds page and a delivery charge will be calculated on the amount of birds purchased.

For all other deliveries please call or email for quote . We need to know~
~breed /type of bird / animal
~ number of birds required
~full address including post code
We can not deliver ducklings and chicks.
Delivery charges start at £60.00
Deliveries are made via DEFRA registered courier or by our selves. Standard delivery day is Thursday. 

Additional notes
We always do our best to keep availability up to date on the website. Information is updated at the end of each working day  not during the day so it we run out of a particular breed during the day then this will not be  communicated on the website until the end of that day.
With regards to ducklings we do not keep a running total of colors and sexes so please call if there is anything specific you would like to check. General information is  breed , colour , sex , on heat , off heat , outdoors and hardy.
Please note we are selling birds/livestock each day so availability can change quickly.