A guide to buying your Christmas poultry

What size goose should I order?

This is an approximate guide to how many people each weight of goose feeds. Please note it will vary depending on the shape of the goose and your portion size and appetite!

4kg – 4-5 people

4.5kg – 4-6 people

5kg – 5-7 people

5.5kg – 6-9 people

6kg – 8-12 (sometimes more)

How do I order?

You can either order through our website and pay with your credit card through Paypal, which is a very secure 3rd party payment-processing site. Or you can make your order by post or phone or email  and send us a cheque. We cannot take credit cards over the phone though. If you would like to pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Moon Ridge Farm address Newton St Cyres , Exeter EX5 5AA To order on the phone please call 01392 851190

When will my order be delivered?

Delivery will be made December 21st and collections from farm on the 23rd December.   Last day of ordering for delivery is 19th December and for collection 22nd December 

I want to collect my goose

Yes we will be open on 23rd for collection from the farm between 9am and 6pm

I’ve never eaten goose before – what kind of meat is it?

Goose is a rich, dark meat, quite unlike chicken. Cooked properly, it is tender and juicy and absolutely delicious. Crispy goose skin is also wonderful and goose fat makes the best roast potatoes you’ll ever eat.

What comes with my goose?

All geese come with giblets (heart, liver, neck and gizzard) and a bag of fat from the goose, which you can use to make delicious roast potatoes. These items are included in the weight of your goose.

How do I cook my goose?

Our geese come with their own cooking instructions/recipe which gives a step by step guide to roasting your Christmas goose.

How will my goose come?

All our birds are oven-ready and come with a bag of giblets and goose fat. If you’d like your goose to have the neck left on, or if you would prefer to gut the bird yourself, please let us know in your order details

How should I store my goose before I eat it?

Take your goose out of the box and bag (this is very important as it will stop it from sweating) and store it in your fridge, below 3 degrees celsius.