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We have a wide variety of point of lay chickens, quail, ducks, poultry and water fowl for sale at our family farm here in Devon. We also sell a range of livestock ideal for small holdings. At Moonridge we are passionate about poultry and have vast wealth of experience in all aspects animal husbandry.

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The Perfect Place for your Poultry to stay while You are Away

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  • Sussex Rock

    Merv’s Flock Friendly Advice

    Our tip of August (however I fear the weather may have changed !!) Heat stress has been an issue with all livestock (us included) this year. This can lead to a few problems, heavy fast-growing birds and older birds can suffer from heart attacks and as with any kind of stress it can lower immunity […]

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  • Mandarins x5

    Visit us this month ……….

    Currently For Sale POL Chickens £16.00 each please check availability  White Leghorn, Light sussex , Amber Link , Lohman Brown, Colombian Black tail , Blue maran, Cou Cou maran, Sussex Rock , Bovans Nera , Chestnut ranger ( dark egg layer) Devon Blue (blue egg layer) Boht £22.00 You can now order our POL hybrids […]

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  • Sprocker Puppies For Sale

    Sprocker puppies for sale 11/08/2018 ready to go shortly. Gorgeous sprocker puppies for sale from a working pedigree cocker and a 3/4 springer 1/4 sprocker mum ( Seeker) . Mum, sister and auntie can all be seen here at the farm. Ideal working dogs they also make fantastic family dogs , they have a lovely […]

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“The four Indian Runner Ducks we collected yesterday have settled in well and no problems meeting our chicken.
Thank you for your excellent efficient and friendly service. We were most impressed and will certainly come back to you.
The staff were charming, clearly appeared to know what they were talking about. Not too pushy, & willing to put themselves out.
We have already told three different lots of friends.
We also liked the layout, the cleanliness, the choice and not having to search for someone to help. Congratulations on a great business.

“Just wanted to put a quick post up to say that my wife and I took my little girl to Moon Ridge Farm today. We arrived 20 mins before closing after a few delays. I only intended to stay for 15 minutes. The last thing I wanted to do was keep someone at work on a Friday evening!
I was blown away at how friendly the staff were, especially the owner. He made us feel very welcome. Didn’t rush us at all. Let us have a wonder around and offered some brilliant advice. They let our little girl spend some time with the puppies.
We were also really impressed by the husbandry and health of the animals. We didn’t see anything that looked out of place.
I’d thoroughly recommend a visit. It’s definitely a business I will be supporting.”

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time choosing our new batch of hens from you last Friday. Caitlin was great particularly as I had brought a Swiss family with a little girl to help choose. The hens had a smooth journey to ours and settled in very well. I’ve spent plenty of time with them and they are such sweet and friendly birds. We bought two Devon Blue and two Bantoms. The black bantam (I’ve called ‘Matron’) is very much in charge… Not what I expected 😂
Very tempted to come back for more but will be patient.
Great set up that you have and great staff, thank you.

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