Amber Link Chicken


Always a very popular chicken that lays 320 brown eggs a year. A friendly bird making it a good family hen, loves attention and is very inquisitive.
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Amber Link Point of Lay Chickens

Amber/Silver Link
  • Suits all production systems, commercial to domestic
  • 320  brown eggs in first year.
  • Prolific in extensive and alternative systems.There are a variety of strains of Amber birds available which are very similar in appearance, production and temperament. Ranging from almost pure white to heavily marked with brown flecks, these Rhode Island White based hybrids are renowned for their docility. Slightly larger than their brown variety counterparts, these birds are well suited to extensive and alternative systems especially those using non commercial feeds including organic or home produced rations. Average egg weight is normally slightly lower than brown varieties but colour is darker and shell quality excellent.

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