Ducks & Geese

We hatch weekly during the season
For ease of selection and to see the breeds in their own groups we have a new quackery where a selection of each breed is housed for sale. This purpose built area is great and allows you the customer to select your favorite duck/geese with ease. All our ducklings are housed in the public barn and of course you can also select your favorite.
We concentrate on our favorite domestics. Indian Runner, Cayuga, Silver Appleyard, Khaki Campbell and Moscovy.
Domestic geese also have a dedicated area we breed and sell Chinese , African and Embden /Toulouse cross
For ornamental waterfowl we have over 100 species here at the farm , follow the links and take a look.
We do not sell domestic hatching eggs or wildfowl hatching eggs. STOCK updated 07/06/2017

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