Ducks & Geese

We concentrate on our favorite domestics. Indian Runner, Cayuga, Silver Appleyard, Khaki Campbell and Moscovy.
Domestic geese also have a dedicated area we breed and sell Chinese , African and Embden /Toulouse cross
For ornamental waterfowl we have over 100 species here at the farm , follow the links and take a look.
We do not sell domestic hatching eggs or wildfowl hatching eggs. We have ducklings of our breeds here at on heat , off heat , outside and fluffy and fully feathered . We have a few POL Indian Runners however the majority of our ducks are this years hatch so not POL. Please note we are selling all the time so if there is a specific breed at a specific age please contact us .
STOCK updated 17/08/2017
Only two more hatches of very small numbers left this season, for our last hatch we only hatched 12 females.

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